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Sweco Engineering is an experienced, dedicated and innovative team of engineers and architects dealing with numerous interesting projects in Poland and abroad. As a part of the Swedish group Sweco, our company can use the local and global know-how resources, which contribute to high quality of our project services. Together with our business partners we always seek for the optimum solutions that are environmentally friendly and contribute to the development of our society.

Grzegorz Rolski
President of the Management Board
Sweco Engineering sp. z o.o.

About us

Sweco Engineering is a part of the Swedish group Sweco, a leading European consulting and design company, associating 15 thousand engineers and architects.

In Poland, Sweco commenced its design operations in the 1990s and significantly marked its presence in 2010 with acquisition of Kraków based Road and Bridge De sign Office “Transprojekt” and “Hydroprojekt”. “Transprojekt” had made history of road engineering in Poland as a successful provider of design and consulting services in that sector for over 60 years.

In 2011 Sweco was joined by an architecture firm APA Markowski i Architekci from Warsaw, founded in 1992. The company specialized in designing public utility buildings as well as industrial and warehouse complexes. APA were also renowned designers of many housing estates. In the following year Sweco was joined by the Finnish group FMC with its companies based in Finland, Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. in Poland), Russia and India. Finnmap Polska, local company of FMC which integrated with Sweco Engineering, specialized in providing building design services for industry and power engineering sector as well as designing residential and commercial buildings. Since 2016 the companies acquired by Sweco have worked together as Sweco Engineering sp. z o.o. The company is headquartered in Kraków and has its branches in Katowice and Warsaw. Its priority is reliable and creative design and technical consulting in compliance with the strictest quality standards, at the same time focused on protection of natural environment. It specializes in designing roads, bridges and tunnels as well as industrial facilities and buildings. In addition, it has extensive experience in architectural, urban planning and hydrotechnical design.

Sośnica-Gliwice interchange

Designers from Sweco Engineering, based on long-term experience, have developed many significant road and bridge projects. One of them is a project of constructing the three-level Gliwice-Sośnica interchange on A1 motorway, which on the date of its opening, with 33 km of roads, was one of the largest interchanges in Europe. The project was prepared in 2006-2008 by KBPDiM “Transprojekt” (now Sweco Engineering) in a consortium with the company Mosty Katowice. The ordering party was the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Katowice. The company’s task involved the preparation of the road design, drainage and reconstruction of networks colliding with the road. The interchange was built in 2008-2010. At present, it is one of the largest highway interchanges in Poland where A1 and A4 motorways and national road no. 44 intersect.

National road no. 47 “Zakopianka”

Subsequent years brought new challenges and important contracts to Sweco Engineering. In 2007-2013, to the order of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Kraków, the company prepared a building and detailed design of nearly 16 km of national road no. 47 on the section Rdzawka-Nowy Targ. It covers 4 interchanges, 3 bridges and 23 viaducts, and the total length of bridge structures accounts for nearly 1/3 of the route length. The designed section is a fragment of the so-called “Zakopianka” – a very busy route between Kraków and Zakopane, especially crowded in the holiday season. The investment is planned to be completed in 2018-2022.

The Beskid Integration Road S 52 “BDI”

In addition, since 2008 works have continued on the technical, economic and environmental study, ordered by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Kraków, and the programme concept of a 61-kilometre long section Bielsko-Biała-Głogoczów. The route will run parallel to the present road no. 52 from Suchy Potok interchange in Bielsko-Biała, through the densely populated areas of Kęty, Andrychów, Wadowice and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska until the connection with the present dual carriageway road no. 7 in Głogoczów. The investment will cover 14 interchanges, 31 culverts, 40 bridges and 95 viaducts (15 km of bridge structures in total). The designed section is a fragment of the so-called ”BDI” – the Beskid Integration Road supposed to improve transport connections between Bielsko-Biała and Kraków. The project will be completed according to the “Design and Build” formula in 2022-2025.

Czarnowąsy Ring Road

Sweco Engineering completed another important project in 2010-2017. The company was awarded a contract by the Regional Road Authority in Opole to design a ring road for Dobrzeń Wielki, Dobrzeń Mały, Borki and Czarnowąsy (now a part of Opole), which should facilitate access to Opole Power Plant, lead motor traffic out of local villages and thus improve safety in the region.

This is the largest infrastructural investment in the history of local government in Opole region. The building and detailed design were a combination of functionality and aesthetics making it possible to cut down on the operating costs. The carriageway was designed for the highest load category KR6. The study smoothly fitted into the existing transport infrastructure of Opole.

The investment covered 4 intersections in the form of 3-way traffic circles and 5 bridge structures (4 viaducts and 1 bridge). In addition, the existing technical infrastructure was adapted. The following projects are particularly noteworthy: a road bridge on the Mała Panew river and a two-span road viaduct over the railway tracks on the route Opole-Wrocław and a sidetrack to Opole Power Plant. These are landmark bridges shaped as steel arches with cable-stayed, reinforced concrete carriageway deck. The span – respectively 130 m and 2 x 91 m makes the tall arches a predominant element of local landscape and an attractive, eye-catching piece of architecture. In order to emphasize the aesthetic values, the supporting structures were illuminated.

The designers also took care about the environment. On selected sections sound screens were installed to protect both the inhabitants from noise pollution and animals from trespassing. Roads were illuminated by means of energy-efficient LED technology.

The ring road was opened in 2017 and for its design Sweco, the Investor and the Contractor were nominated to the award “Top Municipal Investments 2018”, received an award in the 22nd edition of the Nationwide Competition “Modernization of the Year 2017”, as well as the award of the Opole Region Marshal.

Intersection of Al. Solidarności, Al. Sikorskiego and Gen. Ducha Street in Lublin

In 2012-2016, Sweco Engineering prepared complete design documentation for the reconstruction of Al. Solidarności, Al. Sikorskiego and Gen. B. Ducha Street in Lublin including the construction of a viaduct, a footbridge, retaining walls and sound screens.

In addition, a dense network of third party structures was reconstructed. Engineering structures were a significant component of the whole project. The construction of a two-level intersection and elevating Al. Solidarności above the central island entailed the necessity to build a 100 m long dual carriageway viaduct 100 m with accompanying long ramps enclosed within retaining walls on both sides. In addition, with regard to the reconstruction of Północna Street and the need to enter the area of Czechowskie Hills, along the newly built section of Północna Street, a retaining wall with the length of about 170 m and the maximum height of 10 m was planned to the built.

With regard to the location of the intersection in the neighbourhood of housing, a footbridge was designed over Al. Solidarności including access facilities for the disabled with a total length of 172 m.

The design was prepared to the order of the Road and Bridge Authority in Lublin. Sweco Engineering also performed architect’s supervision over the documentation. The project was commissioned at the end of 2017 and was awarded the title of the “Top Municipal Investment 2018” and received a special award from the readers of Portalsamorządowy.pl.

S19 Expressway “Via Carpatia”

In 2014-2016, Sweco Engineering completed another large contract, this time for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Rzeszów. The company prepared a complete programme and spatial concept of S19 expressway on a more than 9-kilometre-long section Lasy Janowskie-Zdziary including Zdziary interchange (two variants). The task comprised both the technical and economic part. The design of Sweco Engineering is a fragment of the so-called “Via Carpatia” – an international route connecting Klaipeda in Lithuania to Thessaloniki in Greece. The project is now being completed in the “Build and Design” formula.

Bridge across the Dunajec river in Kurów

Sweco Engineering started this interesting and magnificent bridge project in May 2016. At that time the company concluded a contract with the Kraków branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways to develop technical documentation for the bridge in Kurów. The most interesting part of this project is a magnificent extradosed road bridge on the Dunajec river. Hydraulic conditions and the resulting necessity of giving up midstream supports and reducing the number of supports in the flood plain, contributed to the decision on using large spans. The result will be a bridge about 600 m long with 100 m, 2 x 200 m and 100 m spans.

The deck uses a prestressed concrete single-chamber box girder with fixed design height of 4.10 m, supported on massive piers. Pylons fixed in the girder make it possible to use two cable stay levels in a fan arrangement. In addition, it is planned that the bridge will be equipped with a structure monitoring system and illumination. The construction should start in 2018 and its planned completion is in 2020.

“Southern Road” in Rzeszów

At the end of 2016 Sweco Engineering was engaged in another road engineering task. A contract was signed with the municipality of
Rzeszów concerning the building and detailed design of a section of dual carriageway G category road, about 5.7 km long, connecting Podkarpacka Street (national road no. 19) to Al. Gen. W. Sikorskiego (regional road no. 878). This section, called the “Southern Road”, is a part of the ring road of Rzeszów.

The key element of the newly designed route is a bridge over the dam reservoir on the rzece Wisłok river. As a result, in response to
the current needs of the investor Sweco prepared 2 designs. The first one is a seven-span extradosed bridge with the longest theoretical span of 164 m. The total length of the bridge is 1004 m, which makes it one of the longest bridges in this category in Europe. The other design is based on a box girder structure consisting of 8 spans that are 970 m long in total. At present, the project is at the stage of obtaining approval and it is difficult to anticipate the exact date of its completion. The original assumption was the end of 2020.

Northern Ring Road of Kraków

Another important project of Sweco Engineering in Lesser Poland region, contracted in 2017 by the General Directorate for National
Roads and Motorways in Kraków, was the “Programme concept for the construction of the Northern Ring Road of Kraków in the course of S52 expressway”. The plan of a dual carriageway road section with three lanes, from Modlnica interchange to Kraków-Mistrzejowice interchange, with the total length exceeding 12.3 km, was prepared in less than a year from signing the contract. The largest challenge for the designers was finding the golden mean between the expectations of residents of the areas on the route of the ring road and the possibilities following from terrain geometry, the provisions of the environmental approval and the requirements of the ordering party.

Following the multi-criteria analysis of variants, the designers came up with the optimum routing solution. The designed expressway was routed within a relatively narrow area including three interchanges: Zielonki, Węgrzce, and Batowice and a network of access roads for the service of adjacent grounds. The structural design provides for the construction of two tunnels with a total length of 1531 m, 27 engineering structures (total deck length 1646 m) and environmental protection facilities: storage reservoirs, sound screens and green areas. The project will be useful for the inhabitants and for people in transit through Kraków. It is expected that leading motor traffic out of the centre of Kraków will considerably contribute to decreasing air pollution caused by excessive motor traffic in the city. The project is planned for the years 2019-2022.

Cross-border cooperation

One of the strengths of Sweco Engineering is cooperation with foreign partners – in particular with regard to BIM and 3D design.
We provide our services related to road engineering and construction projects to other companies within Sweco group in Sweden,
Norway and Belgium. At present, among the interesting road engineering tasks in which our company participates, there are designs of the ring road of Antwerp in Belgium (3D modelling), metro in Stockholm – Hammarby Kanal and Slakthuset stations, and E6 expressway in Norway (bridge structures). We also prepare detailed design documentation for public utility buildings (hospitals,
airport buildings, industrial facilities, and residential buildings) commissioned by our partners in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium
and Germany (e.g. 3D modelling and rebar detailing).

International experience develops and broadens our competencies as well as allows us to participate in innovative projects. Due to the variety of contracts we must be flexible and capable of implementing
foreign standards quickly. Thanks to corporate cooperation within Sweco group we participate in investment projects throughout
Europe; the number of contracts increases year after year, which confirms our strive for inventiveness, high quality as well as utmost
technologies and is a good sign for the future.