02-673 Warszawa, ul. Konstruktorska 12A
tel. +48 22 250 70 00
fax. +48 22 250 70 01

Mostostal Warszawa SA is one of the largest construction companies in Poland. Acting as a general contractor, it carries out investment projects in all key sectors of the construction market in Poland and abroad. The company has been present in the Polish market for more than seven decades, dealing with all types of construction facilities: infrastructure and roads, general construction, industrial, green, buildings as well as power plants. The company combines the long-term tradition of Polish engineering with state-of-the-art technologies. The main stockholder of the company is Acciona Construccion SA, a Spanish company being a member of
Acciona Group. Mostostal Warszawa SA is the main shareholder of several companies from the Capital Group Mostostal Warszawa