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Drogi i Mosty – Jan Kaczmarczyk
06-100 Pułtusk, Kacice 76
tel. 23 692 86 52, 23 692 28 05
fax 23 691 90 55
e-mail: drogiimosty@drogiimosty.com.pl

The company Drogi i mosty Jan Kaczmarczyk has operated since 1985. it deals with construction, reconstruction, general overhauls of roads and bridges, bituminous pavements as well as concrete and stone block pavements. we own a bituminous mass plant made by a renowned Swiss company Ammann, two large commercial grade concrete plants and a prefabricated road structures plant. Thanks to our extensive transport base, complete park of machinery and production supply base, we are able to provide comprehensive road services.
Our modern road engineering laboratory plays a huge role in the construction of roads and bridges. Without a modern and efficient laboratory correct performance and high quality of road works cannot be guaranteed. Running inspections carried out regularly in the course of investments ensure good technical quality of the works and facilitate adjustments to the technological process, if any.
We employ skilled and experienced engineering and technical and administrative staff holding the required licences and authorisations. In addition, during high season we employ about 200 workers. Having a regular, properly trained crew offers the possibility of continuous improvement of the quality of the works and performance efficiency and ensures correct utilisation of the technical potential of the company.
The prefabricated concrete elements plant established in 2015 in Kosewo near Nasielsk (40 km north of Warsaw) is a considerable extension to the scope of the company’s activities and it sets new challenges. More than 30 years of experience in the road engineering sector allowed us to become familiar with the market of concrete surface materials and tailor our offer to the needs of the most demanding Customers. We do our best to ensure that our products meet the expectations both in terms of quality and variety. We are a reliable company with one hundred per cent of Polish capital. We have continuously invested in the development of the company. Our machines and equipment produced by the German OMAG are very efficient and they guarantee excellent quality of paving blocks. Our annual production capacity is about 3 million m² of prefabricated goods. Our offer comprises both standard industrial products and sophisticated paving blocks. Thanks to a wide range of colours and shapes, our products can be used for creating extremely diversified arrangements.