31-031 Kraków, ul. Dietla 93/4
tel. +48 12 421 02 06
fax. +48 12 421 07 93
e-mail: biuro@avrgrupa.pl

The joint stock company AVR S.A. was established in 2011 as a limited liability company AVR Sp. z o.o.. It forms part of the capital group associating Italian companies with AVR S.p.A. in Rome being their parent. The company was transformed into a joint stock company at the beginning of 2018. It deals with maintenance of roads and motorways and green areas in the city and with performance of municipal services. It also carries out works in the sector of road works, construction and reclamation of land degraded by human activity.

Our business area

Due to dynamic development, in 2012-2018 AVR S.A. commenced the performance of several contracts in Lesser Poland, Silesian, Subcarpathian and Lublin voivodeships, comprising maintenance of motorways, expressways and regional roads, as well as collection of municipal wastes from the inhabitants of cities and municipalities. Skilled human resources, modern equipment and ISO standards implemented in the company make AVR S.A. an efficient, effective and professional contractor.

Maintenance of roads and motorways in summer and winter

Thanks to its long-term experience and specialist modern equipment for comprehensive maintenance of roads and motorways in winter and summer, AVR S.A. is able to work even in the harshest weather and terrain conditions. The company, being a “Keep the Standard” contractor working for branches of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Katowice, Lublin and Rzeszów, maintains more than 1 000 km of motorways, expressways and national roads in different destinations in Poland. Under road maintenance contracts we take care of road greenery, cleanness of roads and civil engineering structures, and road infrastructure (e.g. horizontal and vertical markings, elements of road traffic safety systems, lighting and traffic lights). We also deal with road maintenance in winter and with road works (bituminous, earth and drainage works).